Friday, September 01, 2006

Why this Blog

This blog is all about Japanese Kotoba and Kanji (mainly to assist in the preparation for JLPT Level 2,3,4)

When I was preparing for JLPT, I found it a little difficult to remember the Kotoba and Kanji I learned every day. I needed someone or something to give me a drill.

So I created a tool called "Quiz Master", in short qm.exe. This tool will throw questions and 4 choices. The quiz materials (questions and answers) can be easily created using a Notepad. More about this topic can be found in the help of qm.exe

I used and had the tool "qm.exe" and the materials used for quiz session hosted. Later I moved to

Since many liked the tool I created this blog to post new japanese language learning articles and quiz materials to use with qm.exe.

Though this blog and the quiz materials are about Japanese, the tool qm.exe in general can be used for learning anything that has the similar quiz material structure found in this blog. For more information on using qm.exe please mail me.

My name is Sankar Karunanidhi.
You can reach me at jlptsite at harushi dot com
Or send a request/your suggestions through feedback form at

I created this page in mid 2004, most of the months I didnt blog. Later I got several request through my friends to exclusively create a site for jlpt and japanese language learning. Here it is In 2006 I started posting japanese language related articles and qm materials. Later this site has been dedicated for the words I learn or teach to friends upon their request.

There is an update in jlpt site: You can learn for JLPT using computers that do not have Japanese fonts installed. Check out

Happy Learning.


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